Mzungu days

Mzungu Days is a 150 page collection of short stories, anecdotes and essays that I wrote during my first year in Tanzania. Copies of the book cost $20 (including shipping) and will be available soon on this website.

Scroll down for some reader feedback and a sample chapter.

I picked up your book intending to glance at the first few pages...Next thing I knew, I had read half of it! It is just delightful!
— Arlene M.
I read your book; that is a brilliant piece of work with great sense of humour; as I was reading I laughed my lungs out! - bravo!
— Martin K.
Not many people can strike such a fine balance between insightful observations and ridiculous stories involving goat heads.
— Andrew D.
I laughed a lot reading your book. It reminded me of the mission I went to and previous trips to Africa. Thanks again for this beautiful piece of work.
— Denise C.
I keep reading little parts of your book over and over again on the subway to work and it really is quite good.
— Richard O.
There were many moments that I was laughing out loud in public...a rare feat for a book for sure.
— John B.
Through a Canadian’s eyes, your energy is as incredible as what you witnessed in the children, Mamas, and countless others in Tanzania. Thanks for writing this book.
— Lisa T.
It’s the wee hours of the morning and I couldn’t put your book down! It was a pleasure to read.
— Jody W.